Chamber Advertisement Policy  
The Chamber of Commerce’s website is offering website advertising to its members and non-members with the aim of generating increased visibility and business for clients.  

Format Guidelines:

The maximum size of the advertisement images that are to be placed on the site is 5MB. File types accepted are .gif and .jpeg.  The dimensions of the banner and column advertisements are as follows:

Bottom Banner Advertisement - For Banner Ads Width should be less than or equal to 600px
Right Column Advertisement For Column Ads Width should be less than or equal to150px

Advertising Rates and Policies 
All advertising fees are due quarterly in advance.

Advertising on the Chamber website is available on the following pages: Homepage, Registration page, Contact us page, About us, Join now, FAQ and Links. We have a two-tier quarterly rate structure with membership rate and non-chamber member’s rates, as defined below:

Page Banner Ads Price Column Ads Price
Homepage CM - $400     NCM - $525 CM - $350   NCM - $475
Registration Page CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275
Contact Us CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275
About Us CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275
Join Now CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275
FAQ CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275
Links CM - $200     NCM - $325 CM - $150   NCM - $275

** CM-Chamber Member/ NCM-Non Chamber Member

 It should be noted that Homepage advertising is priced higher than other pages due to the fact that it receives significantly more web-traffic. In the event that multiple pages are desired  for advertising, a 20% discount for Chamber members, is available and a 10% discount for non Chamber members off the total advertising costs.

Graphic Design Services

We do not have a graphic design artist on staff but we have a preferred web - solution provider who will assist. Web banner design services are also available.
If you wish us to provide you with design and advertising assistance we can do so at the following rates.

Static Banner: Chamber member-EC$150        Non Chamber member-EC$250
Animated Banner: Chamber member-EC$ 200  Non Chamber member EC$ 300

Changes of Policy 

The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, reserves the right to change, amend or eliminate advertising policies without notice. Submitting an advertisement for publication or distribution represents the advertiser’s agreement to abide by the policies The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture
ativan without prescription Identification and Indemnification

Advertisers who purchase advertisements must have either the company’s registered URL or name in one of the frames of the advert. Under no circumstances do we accept advertising without identifying the company.  The advertiser agrees that it is responsible to third parties for the

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content of advertisements placed. In the event that The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture becomes liable to any third party as a result of an advertisement, the advertiser agrees to indemnify any or all of them for damages owed to the third party and for the fees and costs associated with the controversy.
Publishers Rights 

All advertising is subject to approval by The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, regarding subject matter, form size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement.
Site Aggregators

The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to review all potential advertisers, web sites or promotional material at any time, before or after placement, to determine whether they are deemed site aggregators. Generally, a site aggregator is viewed as a site that acts as a portal/ destination site containing content and advertising from multiple entities. The Chamber reserves the right to reject advertising that is deemed competitive or contrary to the best interests of the organization. 
The St Lucia Chamber of Commerce strictly prohibits the delivery of Spyware on its site. A partial definition of Spyware is a software based trigger or program that monitors computer usage, sends information about the computer usage to a remote computer or server displays, or causes to be displayed an advertisement in response to the computer’ s usage without the knowledge or approval of the user.