Law and Order
Desired Action:
(1) Comprehesnive Action Plan (2) Digital Surveillance System
Government Budget Response
Considerable planning has been undertaken to improve the delivery of justice and policing services over the past year. Our initiatives to finance new infrastructure for the judiciary and police are in the final stages of completion and the Police Force has undertaken a comprehensive review of its operations and has presented concrete operational and social programs to reduce crime in Saint Lucia. In the interim the Police Force has been provided with a fleet of 15 new vehicles and 6 motorcycles and the Forensic Lab was re-opened to help improve investigative capacity. New Hall of Justice. New Police Headquarter and New Police Station in Gros Islet. Training Of Police in Investigation Techniques. Community Policing. New Digital radio System to include the Fire Service will provide, secure, efficient, island-wide radio network.
Assesment of Action in Budget
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