Manage the Cost of the Public Service
Desired Action:
Find creative ways to lower wage bill and increase productivity of the Public Service
Government Budget Response
Our objective for this sector is to transform the government�s role from a direct provider of health care services through hospitals and clinics and a direct funder through budgetary subventions to a policy maker and regulator;to utilize the resources of the National Health Insurance Fund to finance health care.have the Public Service Management Bill tabled in this House within this financial year;embrace ICT in the public service to reduce costs and improve efficiency and service delivery; a new Public Financial Management Bill.Reduction in Transfers;a. The Saint Lucia Marketing Board; b. The Saint Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation;Radio Saint Lucia; d. The Supply Warehouse ; e. The Saint Lucia National Trust; f. The Saint Lucia Postal Service; Making Government Services more accessible
Assesment of Action in Budget
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