Education and Skills
Desired Action:
Reform Education in Primary and Secondary School
Government Budget Response
Curriculum development and the use of technology appropriate for teaching and learning will be high on the education agenda in the coming financial year and beyond. The GiNet initiative will facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom and there will be an investment in and the rationalization of the existing school plant to maximize this new thrust in digital learning. Two Centres of Excellence to be built. New TVET and CVQ certification in Hospitality studies, culinary arts, spa and wellness, investment services and construction techniques. Improving the relevance and quality of instruction across the system. EQUIP targets are: • Enhancing special needs education. • Rationalisation and repair of the school plant to make it learning and teaching friendly. • Teacher training and professional development. expand the National Apprentice Programme to train our young people in areas that will provide immediate or near term opportunities.
Assesment of Action in Budget
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