Debt Management
Desired Action:
A plan for the management of national debt which examines all options for averting crisis....
Government Budget Response
Government is currently working on a medium term fiscal strategy aimed at crafting a clear path towards growing the economy while improving Saint Lucias fiscal and debt position. Hence the fiscal strategy that we will adopt entails a two-pronged approach of increasing the level of growth while improving the productivity of expenditure; have developed a Medium Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) to address this situation the objective of which is to analyze the costs and risks inherent within the debt portfolio, referencing the interest rate risk and refinancing risk. This strategy document comes against a background of adverse economic and financial developments within the ECCU including Saint Lucia. The management of the debt programme involves the design and implementation of debt strategies which will effectively align the debt level with fiscal sustainability....
Assesment of Action in Budget
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