ED's Independence Message

 Dear Member,


I trust you all found the 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards enjoyable and entertaining and like us are already looking forward to next year. Clearly we do have our work cut out for us as we continue to seek to improve the event and the entire Awards Process. Permit me to once again thank the Chairperson, Dr. Gardner and the Awards Committee for their leadership in guiding the Business Awards to what it is. I also wish to thank our producers, Landmark Events and MediaZone as they continue to deliver excellent work for us all. Of course a special thank you to the Prime Minister's Office which continues to collaborate with us in bringing these Awards and our many sponsors and supporters who contribute so meaningfully to the event.


Now Noble Laureate week is over, I wish to draw you attention to the fact that very shortly St.Lucia will be celebrating the 34th Anniversary of Independence. Business Houses are encouraged to decorate in National Colours to help create an awareness and to celebrate our Nationhood. Please be aware that the Government has advised that a special effort will be made to celebrate Independence next year when we celebrate the 35th Anniversary and so Government will be asking the business community to do a little extra next year.


Please remember that we have a number of members who offer decorating and design services who are willing to help you in that regard, please feel free to call on them to help, their services will make your effort to decorate easier. Option Designs and Landmark Events come to mind.