A favorite of members, both those who want to expand their network of  business contacts, press palms and interact in a less formal atmosphere, as well as those who wish to host and promote and or introduce their company, goods and/or services to the right demographic.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce offers its members the opportunity to host a Mixer at a venue of their choice, make all catering and set up arrangements, while using the Chamber recognized and respected brand to reach the who is who of Saint Lucia Business. If fifty percent of all business deals are made on the golf course in the US, in St. Lucia 75% of new and lasting business contacts are made a Chamber Business Mixer.

Business Mixers provide participants with an excellent opportunity to meet their business counterparts. The activities are always well attended as members understand the value of networking and the perfect occasion to put faces to the names of business colleagues. For the Host, the Mixer provides an excellent marketing opportunity to promote their goods and services.