A key role played by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is that of representation of private sector interests at the National Level. As a one hundred plus old national institution, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is part of the national institutional framework and an important partner in the development of St. Lucia.  Therefore the Chamber has representation on a broad cross section of National Bodies:


Mr. Gordon Charles


Mr. Peter Devaux
National Community Foundation
Mr. Egbert Louis
Construction & Engineering Technical Committee
Mrs. Charmaine Gardner
Standing Committee on Independence
Mrs. Thecla Deterville
National Development Corporation
Mr. Trevor Bristol
National Emergency Management Organization
Mr. Brian Louisy
Banana Industry Trust
Mr. Claudius Francis           
Ministry of Education National Training Board Training Sub Committee
Mr. Albert Daniel
National Council for Science and Technology
Mr. Vaughan Louis-Fernand
Cultural Development Foundation
Mr. Claude Guillaume
National Land Policy Committee
Mrs. Thecla Deterville
National Training Committee
Mr. Desmond Duboulay
Soufriere Regional Development Foundation
Mr. Kenneth Lalsingh
Bureau of Standards Technical Committee
Mr. Gerard Bergasse
National Insurance Corporation
Mr. Damian Biscette
National CODEX Committee