Welcome to the Committee of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in serving your country on a committee, please go to the Register as an Expert form.

Committee Committee Function Committee Chairperson Committee Members
Finance and Governance 1. Revamp Board Committee structure to align to strategy; revamp board reports and the meeting to be purpose-driven and strategy-focused and strengthen the secretariat to provide the required support committees. Jason King Martin Dorville, Trevor Louisy and Karen Peter
Advocacy and Research 1. Develop and implement a decision-making matrix to determine which issues on which to lead advocacy and which to support Industry Associations. 2. Develop and implement a system for continuous engagement of Government and key decision-makers to make advocacy more meaningful. Karen Peter Jonathan Johhanes, Jason King, Trevor Louisy, Cheryl Renwick and Martin Dorville
Membership and Services 1. Develop and implement a system to engage/involve members and provide networking opportunities for sharing best practices. 2. Develop and implement a system to understand individual member needs, develop solutions to meet those needs and mobilize resources and expertise to apply the solutions. Cheryl Renwick Jonathan Johannes, Ross Gardner, Alison Gajadhar, Donna Hinkson and Fayola Ferdinand
Law and Order Encourage Government to develop a comprehensive national crime-fighting strategy, support and encourage members to participate in the integrated surveillance system program (CCTV), Articulate the concerns and provide support to fighting crime against commercial entities. Martin Dorville Milton Desir (Min Nat. S), Andre Lewis (Lewis Industries), Anselm Mathurin (FLOW), Walston Joseph (G4S), Mr. George Nicholas (RSPF) and Aisha Jn. Baptiste Sealy (Min. Com.)
Marketing, Pr and Fund Raising Revamp the Chamber’s marketing and outreach program around the stakeholder value propositions and identify sources of funding to supplement dues and income from member services. Siobhan James-Alexander Alison Gajadhar, Donna Hinkson and Sue Monplasir