St. Lucia Business Awards Nomination Form Orientation Workshop

Address:Bay Gardens Inn Ixora Conference Room

Duration Date:Oct 16 , 2012

Duration Time:11:00 AM

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St. Lucia Business Awards Nomination Orientation Workshop



In an effort to give firms interested in participating in the St. Lucia Business Awards a better understanding of the Nomination process organizers will be hosting an Orientation Nominations Workshop starting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday 16th October 2012 at the Bay Gardens Inn Ixora Conference Room.


The workshop will be facilitated by Judges from the Awards’ Panel of Judges who will provide guidance to firms interested in making submissions for the Awards of the various 14 Categories. This year’s categories are:


·        Prime Ministers Award for Innovation

·        Award for Service Excellence

·        Entrepreneur of the Year Award

·        Business of the Year Award

·        Goods Exporter of the Year Award

·        Award for Excellence in Human Resource Development

·        Award for Marketing Excellence

·        Award for Corporate Leadership

·        Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

·        Green Award

·        Idea of the Year Award

·        Service  Exporter of the Year Award 

The St. Lucia Business Awards will also see the introduction of a “Youth Entrepreneur Award”, specifically geared at recognizing young promising St. Lucian Entrepreneurs; and  an Award that will reward Public Sector Agencies for their contribution towards “Making it Easier to do Business” in St Lucia.   Nomination forms are available on the Chamber Website at


The “built-in equalizer” nature of the Awards will be explained to demonstrate how financial resources and size neutral, the St. Lucia Business Awards really is. The fact that behaviors and processes are rewarded, rather than quantity and volumes mean that the effectiveness, creativity, innovation, vision and excellence which are not dependent or determined by size are the factors being assessed and thus smaller firms can effectively compete with firms from different sectors and of different sizes. 


Judges from the Awards Panel of Judges will be in attendance to provide guidance and also to highlight their experiences in judging and point out, some of the shortcomings, typical mistakes observed, opportunities not taken in the past. Moreover they will be able to give some tips on some of the “no no’s” that firms should avoid when making a submission. Of course they will seek to reinforce some of the critical issues and aspects of the rules and regulations guiding submissions.


The Chamber extends this invitation to all firms to attend this worthwhile workshop, and emphasizes that membership within the Chamber is Not a requirement.  The workshop is FREE as the objective is to provide guidance to those interested in submitting applications for entry into the prestigious national awards. Register Here.  


To confirm your attendance please contact the Chamber Secretariat at Telephone 452 3165 or email or fax us at 4536907. Please make every effort to attend.





Email at or telephone 758- 452-3165.