EXECUTIVE LUNCHEON- Speaker Sir Dwight Venner

Address:Bay Gardens Hotel

Duration Date:Apr 12 , 2013

Duration Time:14:00

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  The Approach of the ECCB in Strengthening the Currency Union

Sir Dwight Venner addressed the Chamber at the third Chamber Executive Luncheon held this year. He discussed The Approach of the ECCB in Strengthening the Currency Union in order to weather the current economic crisis facing the sub-region.


Sir Dwight emphasized that the solution to the economic crisis facing the OECS cannot be resolved by each island looking inwardly but that by combining resources, going beyond national boundaries and by consolidating bargaining power.




He maintains the need forthe sub-region to work as a block to negotiate trade imbalance issues within the region. The Governor  says maintaining current policies is not an option and governments will have to make painful and hard adjustments between now and 2015 if they are to see growth in the region of 2-3% which is what is required to keep the economies afloat.


The Luncheon was held on April 12 2013 at The Bay Gardens Hotel. 

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