Inter Commercial Futsal League

Address:Beausejour Indoor Facility

Duration Date:Mar 18 , 2015

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The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, will for the first time host the Futsal League scheduled to commence on March 18th 2015.


The high interest of persons in the game of futsal, lends itself to such an event while helping to strengthen firm identity, build inter firm team spirit as well as friendly rivalry.  


Futsal a recognized and popular sport and version of indoor football has attracted a large following and a growing one in St. Lucia.  Another appealing characteristic is the small number of players required to compete from eight, allowing even smaller firms to participate. As usual the chamber’s commercial sports events seek to help form, build company team spirit and identify, promote a healthy lifestyle of physical activity as well as encourage a friendly rivalry among members.


Please invite your employees, staff to form teams and register to participate in the 2015 Chamber of Commerce Futsal League.

For further information, please contact the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture at 452-3165, or email info@stluciachamber.

Email at or telephone 758- 452-3165.