Nomination Form Orientation Workshop

Address:Chamber of Commerce Vide Boutielle Castries St. Lucia

Duration Date:Oct 18 , 2017

Duration Time:11:30

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Judges from the Awards Panel of Judges will be in attendance to advise on the requirements, the shortcomings they noted in reviewing submissions, as well as reinforcing some of the critical issues as relates to the rules and regulations guiding submissions.

The St. Lucia Business Awards realizes that many firms are under the mistaken impression that they should not enter the Awards and as such the Orientation Workshop will explain the built in equalizing system that allows firms of all sizes and sectors to participate with an equal chance of winning.  
The workshop will provide valuable insights and guidance that would assist firms and individuals with the preparation of Nomination Forms. The St. Lucia Business Awards are now open and firms, whether they are members of the Chamber or not, should apply regardless of size or sector. The forms may be viewed here  or via this link
Attached is the registration form for your completion. Please submit by 12:00 p.m. October 16th 2017 to email
Email at or telephone 758- 452-3165.