Budget Submission Meeting

Address:5th Floor, Finance Administrative Centre Point Seraphine

Duration Date:Mar 29 , 2017

Duration Time:05:00

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As the Chamber seeks to make a substantive input into the Prime Ministers’ 2017/2018 Budget,  we wish to invite you to a meeting with the Chamber to speak to its possible contribution. The Budget Statement is the most significant and definitive policy statement of the Government.
In the past, members have been invited to make written submissions to the Chamber which the Board would then compile. On this occasion, we wish to sit with you and discuss the crucial issues which you feel the budget should reflect and how these issues should be addressed.   The outcome of this meeting will permit us to make a coherent presentation to the Government reflecting the perspective, needs and ideas of you the critical private sector and engine of growth. 
Email at info@stluciachamber.org or telephone 758- 452-3165.