Become a Sales Champion


Duration Date:Apr 20 , 2018

Duration Time:04:30

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The Become a Sales Champion programme is for those sales persons wanting to hone their sales skills:  from seasoned professionals looking to fine-tune their approach to sales challenges and opportunities to newer salespeople looking to increase their close rates and income.

The programme will be comprehensive, intense and demanding.  It will also be rewarding and enjoyable.  We shall do our best to make it meaningful and worth your while.  Our approach will be highly participative and interactive; combining dynamic presentations, vigorous discussions, practical case studies and workshops.  Our discussions will draw on participants’ expertise and experience, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience.  We encourage questions and debate.  
We aim to strengthen the participants’ practical selling skills.  We will help sharpen participants’ effectiveness; and innovate practical approaches for better performances.  The topics covered and lessons learnt can be immediately implemented.  We will encourage participants to take an "outside-in" view of themselves and their businesses.  It will give them the opportunity to step back from their day-to-day business routine and look at their practices for fresh insights and improvements to their operations and processes, which can directly impact both the top and bottom lines of their businesses.  
We shall use a workshop style format, and include a dynamic blend of presentations, in-session project exercises, and vibrant discussions.  This is designed to create a practical, lively learning environment.  The sessions will be structure to encourage significant interaction among participants.  The programme will provide an intense experience.  Participants will find the programmes to be enlightening, beneficial and fun. Please click here for registration form. 
Email at or telephone 758- 452-3165.