Crime Prevention & Security For Your Business

Address:Finance Administrative Center Point Seraphine Castries

Duration Date:Dec 06 , 2018

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The current crime wave targeting commercial entities requires Business, Police, Government and Citizens to take assertive measures to protect property life and limb. These are the sentiments emanating from the Chamber Secretariat one day after an intensely informative “Crime Prevention and Security Seminar hosted by the Institution on Thursday 6th December, 2018.

The Seminar is clearly timely and relevant and this was reflected in the large turnout of both members and non-members of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture. “Crime Prevention requires the business owner to play his part and the police should never be your main reliance for security, because no one knows your business better than yourself.” This was one of the suggestions made at the gathering. 

However, Newly Elected President of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Mrs. Karen Peter has made a call for the Police and Government to launch a major operation at this time to combat the increasingly brazen robberies and break-ins’ that are occurring. “The convenience of many may have to be the price paid to bring an end or to curb the behavior of a few who wish to hold the business community ransom. While the Chamber agrees and supports the need for business houses to put measures in place, the overriding responsibility at this time is for the police to increase their presence, institute more patrols and roadblocks if necessary to bring this situation under control. The country must not give up or accept this current situation as the status quo” say Peter. 

Common sense security tips, cyber security, using technology and use of effective professionals to help were all discussed and ideas and approaches shared with Chamber Members who attended the security seminar of Thursday 6th December 2018 at the Finance Administrative Center.

The panelist included; ACP Gifania Edmund of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Mr Shelton Flash of FLOW, Mr Sterling Charles  of Innovative Business Solutions (IBS), Mr Claudius Francis President of the Insurance Council of Saint Lucia, Mr Walston Joseph of G4S Secure Solutions and Mr. Murchel Hippolyte of Digicel St. Lucia. 

The seminar ended at the scheduled 7:00PM, yet it was a catalyst for deeper business security conversations that became evident by the energized interactions that followed, during the business mixer hosted by Saint Lucia Distillers Ltd. 

The Chamber of Commerce intends to continue to engage the Police and encourage its members to be more alert and proactive at this time as it appears that the criminal elements have decided to rear the heads. 

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