Know Your Labour Code

Address:Coco Palm Hotel

Duration Date:Jan 31 , 2019

Duration Time:17:00

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Since the enactment of the Labour Act in 2006 with amendments in 2013, there has been a high incidence of claims by employees against employers. The cost and implications of such litigation are obvious and in that context and in response to specific requests from Members, the Chamber is happy to host a one-day workshop on the Code, with particular focus on Termination of Employment and Disciplinary Procedures. 

The full day event – KNOW YOUR LABOR CODE – will run from 9:00AM to 5:00PM at the Kreole Conference Room, Coco Palm Resorts on Thursday, 31 January and Wednesday, 6 January and will be facilitated by Mrs Cheryl Goddard-Dorville of Goddard-Dorville Legal. 
The training workshop presents itself as an opportunity for members to understand and become knowledgeable about Employer responsibilities, rights and the critical rules enshrined in the 2006 Labour Code. This tried and tested workshop has proven to help local businesses overcome concerns and address issues not readily understood without the support of legal counsel.
To register for the training event, complete the registration form using this link.
Email at or telephone 758- 452-3165.