"Disaster Risk Reduction” - Developing A Business Continuity Plan for Your Business

Address:NSDC Centre in Vieux Fort

Duration Date:Mar 11 , 2020

Duration Time:17:00

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“Disaster Risk Reduction” - Developing

A Business Continuity Plan for Your Business


The threat of Disasters, manmade and otherwise, continues to demonstrate that Saint Lucia is indeed one of the countries that is most vulnerable to Disasters. All businesses, large and small, must move away from simply Hurricane Preparedness, and even away from just creating a Business Continuity Plan. The concept of Disaster Disk Reduction calls for businesses to assess the risk vulnerability and take measures to reduce their exposure.

In that context, the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture will host a two day workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction – Developing a Business Continuity Plan for Your Business.

SMEs make up the largest segment of the Business Community and are the most severely impacted by Disasters. Moreover, they are most likely not to reopen their doors after a disaster. Disasters also come in many shapes and forms and the risks associated likewise are many. Threats of biological episodes (coronavirus, SARS, Ebola to name a few), civil unrest, flood, earthquakes, landslides, sea surge and hurricanes are just a few of the risks that one must take into account when managing a business. The questions that must therefore be asked include, “What Risks are my Business exposed to?”, “Is my firm vulnerable to physical and or logistics risks?” and “What can I do to minimize, eliminate or pass on these risks to my business?”

These and other questions will be discussed and participants will be provided with the necessary tools and skills to assess their firms’ risks, as well as a framework for evaluating these risks and further identify strategies to address these risks.

Specifically designed for SMEs, this two-day interactive workshop will cause you to look at operating your business differently. You are therefore encouraged to join the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in conjunction with NEMO as we present this powerful business tool to firms in the South of the Island.

The Workshop will run from the 9:00AM to 5:00PM on Wednesday 11th March to Thursday 12th March, 2020 at the NSDC Centre in Vieux Fort. The course will be facilitated and led by Mr. Andrew George, an ISO certified Risk Management Trainer and trained Disaster Risk Reduction Trainers, Philbert Francis of SLDB, Caron Charlemagne of Massy Stores and Brian Louisy, Chamber Executive Director of the Chamber.

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