Understanding Financial Statements (Take 2)


Duration Date:Aug 11 , 2020

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 In an era where businesses, large or small are working harder to manage financial resources, managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs need to be on top of the performance of their business. Working with St. Lucia’s Institute of Accountant, the Saint Lucia Chamber presents “Understanding Financial Statements” a programmed aimed at building the proficiency of persons in managing and understanding finance and accounting.

This three hour Webinar will be presented by Ms. Andrea St. Rose Certified Charter Accountant and President of the St. Lucia Institute of Accountants.  Financial Statements are considered the score card of any organization. From Balance Sheets to Income Statements, information emerging from Financial Statements serve great value and purpose. As a result, the need to possess proficiency in accurately interpreting the Financial Statements cannot be over stated.

In fact a sound understanding of Financial Statements stands to better position business people to appreciate the strategic decisions and plans being undertaken in a business. This information is critical to allowing entrepreneurs and executives to make better informed decisions. Additionally, it allows shareholders and board members to better evaluate company performance.

We invite persons to be part of this edifying and practical workshop, please sign up, make a small financial contribution and get up to speed on this most essential facet of business management.


Email at info@stluciachamber.org or telephone 758- 452-3165.