Productivity and Human Resource Development


One of the core services the Chamber provides to it's members, is programmes to increase productivity of the member work force as well as programs to enhance the capacity and skills of workers. Through an active and dynamic Productivity and Human Resource Development Standing Committee, the Chamber regularly holds workshops, seminars, Forums and other events. Such events  either provide training to staff of member companies or bring together key persons in the Business Community and wider society to discuss issues in productivity and human resource management and development.
Members of this Productivity and Human Resource Development Committee were in the forefront of reviewing the Draft Labour Code in 2006 and have through that process become a valuable and knowledgeable resource for their firms and the wider business community.
The range of programs held are broad and have been very well received by members. Through a Training Needs Assessment, the Chamber Secretariat was able to identify key areas of training required by members which were validated and revised by the Standing Committee.
Programs held over the years include;
In 2004:
      Dale Carnegie Course " Break through to Success"
      Maximizing Personal Productivity Through Effective Time Management (Workshop)
      Managing for Productivity (Workshop)
      Stress Management Seminar
      Human Resource Forum
      Coperate Governance (Training workshop)
      Measuring the Impact of Training (Workshop)
In 2005:
      Supervisory Development/ Management Skills for the New Manager (Training workshop)      
      Idea Power: How to unleash creativity and innovation in your organisation (Workshop)
       Performance Management: A Balanced Scorecard Approach (workshop)
       Creating a High Performance Organisation: The Malcolm Baldridge Excellence Model (Seminar)
       Midwestern State University Tuition Waiver Program
In 2006:
       Dale Carnegie (Program)
      Entry Level Skills (Program)
      Dale Carnegie (Program)
      A Journey to Greatness with Ken Blanchard (Program)
     Train the Trainers (program)
In 2007:
      Inventory and Time Management (Workshop)
     Entry Level Skills (program)
     Human and Resource Forum
     Business Continuity workshop
     Conflict Management (Workshop)
     7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Workshop)