Productivity and Human Resource Development


One of the core services the Chamber provides to it's members, is programmes to increase productivity of the member work force as well as programs to enhance the capacity and skills of workers. Through an active and dynamic Productivity and Human Resource Development Standing Committee, the Chamber regularly holds workshops, seminars, Forums and other events. Such events  either provide training to staff of member companies or bring together key persons in the Business Community and wider society to discuss issues in productivity and human resource management and development.
Members of this Productivity and Human Resource Development Committee were in the forefront of reviewing the Draft Labour Code in 2006 and have through that process become a valuable and knowledgeable resource for their firms and the wider business community.
The range of programs held are broad and have been very well received by members. Through a Training Needs Assessment, the Chamber Secretariat was able to identify key areas of training required by members which were validated and revised by the Standing Committee.



Chamber 2019 Training Program 


The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce 2019 calendar of training includes:


Know Your Labour Code


The revised Labour Act is significantly different from its predecessor and companies need full knowledge of the Act when dealing with what is often its largest resource. This seminar will aim to highlight and discuss key sections of the law relevant to Termination of Employment and Disciplinary Procedures with which employers and their managerial employees should be familiar in their daily interactions with line staff.

Facilitators: Goddard-Dorville Legal                                     Member Rate: $750    

Date : January                                                                       Non-Member Rate: $1,250           


Business Continuity Planning A Practical Guide


Business Continuity Planning is essential for the longevity of ones business in todays environment. Persons will walk away having a business continuity plan.

Facilitators: NEMO-ISO Certified TraIner                              Member Rate: $1,500  

Date : February                                                                       Non-Member Rate: $2,000             


The High Impact Sales Manager Training


Sales Managers are trained – not born. This master-class will support them in making their sales teams more effective. It will help strengthen their sales team leadership, and deliver on their “numbers” and commitments. Our training provides frontline sales managers with the proven skills, knowledge and tools they need to drive performance and competitiveness.

Facilitators: RES Consulting                                                Member Rate: $2,000  

Date : March                                                                        Non-Member Rate: $2,800


Become a Sales Champion Training


This Sales Champ programme is for those wanting to hone their sales skills: from seasoned professionals looking to fine-tune their approach to sales challenges and opportunities to newer salespeople looking to increase their close rates and income.


Facilitators: RES Consulting                                                Member Rate: $1,500  

Date : March                                                                          Non-Member Rate: $2,000

 * Company programs are available


Entry Level Skills Training


Entry Level staff generally require to be provided with some missing, but essential skills. This programme will do so utilizing role play, lectures, interval learning and group work to effectively teach and demonstrate principles that will lead to behavior and attitude change and enhancement.

Facilitators: Chamber of Commerce                                             Member Rate:  $450  

Date : March                                                                                   Non-Member Rate: $750

Dale Carnegie Training


  • Skills for Success


The Dale Carnegie Skills for Success Course will help you master the communication skills necessary in today’s demanding business environment. You will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships and develop a commanding attitude, instilling confidence and enthusiasm in your workplace.

Facilitators: Thomas Fields                                                           Member Rate: $4,200  

Date : April                                                                                     Non-Member Rate: $5,000  


  • Generation X


Dale Carneige skills for young adults particularly teenagers.

Facilitators: Thomas Fields             Member Rate: $TBD

Date: April                                        Non-Member Rate: $TBD


  •  Dale Carnegie Advanced


If you’ve done Dale Carnegie Skills for Success, then this takes you to the next level.

Facilitators: Thomas Fields          Member Rate: $TBD

Date: April                                     Non-Member Rate: $TBD


Inventory Management Skills


Saving Money and Increasing Profit through Better Inventory Practices”This workshop is interactive, informal, and participatory in nature. Participants will work in teams, and will work on practical exercises in order to develop a level of comfort with inventory concepts. 

 Facilitator:Dr Havi Miller                              Member Rate: $1,500

 Date:May                                                      Non-Member Rate: $2,000

 *Company programs are available


Chartered Directors Training 


This three day event focuses on the role of Board Members in driving and sustaining the success of their Caribbean Organizations. The program provides Board Members with the framework to provide effective oversight, develop Board and Senior Management talent, constructively engage with Management on their organizations strategy and position it for long term success.

Facilitator: Caribbean Corporate Governance Training Institute                Member Rate: US$2,500  

Date: May


Entry Level Skills Training


Facilitator: Chamber of Commerce          

Date: June 


*Company programs are available


Franklin Covey 5 Choices to Extrairdinary Productivity 


Member rate:  $1,300

 Non-member: $1,500