The Junior Achievement Program  




The Junior Achievement Program of St. Luica is a project of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and a registered member of the junior Achievement International Member Nations. A Board of Directors manages the project. An Executive Officer with part time staff administers the programme with the assistance of teacher advisors, Business Consultants and Student Advisors.

This non-profit organisation offers a business an economic education program, which gives primary, secondary & vocational and tertiary-level students practical experience of the operation of businesses in the free enterprise system.  It aims to promote economic literacy and an understanding of business by providing insight into the values, responsibilities and general operations of the private enterprise system.  It provides avenues for the development of individual’s leadership and organisational skills in the operation of a business and by extension the necessary skills to effectively and efficiently facilitate community youth affairs.

 If you wish to support this initiative either financially or otherwise please give us a call at 452-5995 or send us an email at .Visit our webpage at


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