Mind Your Business is a program to develop small business in St. Lucia through a series of practical guidance workshops led by practicing professionals.

Mind Your Business is geared at immediately improving how businesses manage and operate their affairs.

The Workshop Sessions are low cost and heavily subsidized by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce so that they are affordable and within the reach of all businesses.

The Workshops will be convenient to attend as they will be conducted after hours, i.e. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., so that they do not interfere with normal business operations.

The Series seeks to teach and promote the proper and effective “Management of Business” and as such is titled “Mind Your Business.” 

The Workshops are not theoretical discourses but practical applied sessions which will be led not by Lecturers or Trainers but practitioners in the field who on daily basis apply and use the systems and approaches that will be shared.