Welcome to the Events page of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture. During the years we have hosted numerous activities, forums and meetings; browse through and take a look.

Mar 26 , 2019

Sales Management Program

        The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present once more, the RES Consulting Sales Training Programmes, which have served Chamber Members well over the last three years. T...
Mar 22 , 2019

The Chamber Hosts Free Colloquia For Emerging Executives

As part of its contribution to the Nation Celebrating 40 years of Independence, the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture has decided to host a Free Colloquia for “Emerging Executives”, on...
Mar 01 , 2018

Dale Carnegie Skills for Success 2018

Dale Carnegie is an internationally recognized program which help persons grow both personally and professionally.Do you wish to be an effective admired communicator? Are you scared of speaking before crowds? Do you have...