Oct 03 , 2018

Executive Luncheon- St. Lucias Debt Situation and Economic Prospects 2018-2019

      Ministry of Finance Says St. Lucia not Precariously Placed as it Relates to Debt and Fiscal Situation   Ms. Cointha Thomas, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth...
Sep 21 , 2018


On September 21st 2018, DR. Chris Bart will deliver his inspiring presentation to Chamber members which will involve a review of 21st century governance best practices resulting from his proprietary and ground-breaking r...
Aug 30 , 2018

Quarterly General Meeting- August 30 2018

A Quarterly General Meeting of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture has been scheduled for Thursday August 30th 2018. This meeting will be held at the Palmville Conference Room, Cocopalm Hotel , Ro...
Aug 23 , 2018

Chamber Security Concerns- Van Sales Robbery issue

The next meeting for the Law and Order Committee is scheduled for Thursday August 23rd 2018, at 10:00 a.m. at the Chamber Secretariat.   Since the last meeting, Chamber’s Law and Order Committee has been...
Jul 10 , 2018

Refining the Import License Process

Import License “Refining the Process”   A detailed examination of the Import License Process led by the Import License Section of the Department of Commerce took place under the “Chapeaux” ...
Jun 22 , 2018

HR Connect With Harvi Millar

HR CONNECT – With Harvi Millar a Success As the Chamber continues to find ways to “connect” with its members the “HR Connect –With Dr. Harvi Millar” an initiative designed to ensure t...
Jun 07 , 2018

The City Council: Enhancing Living And Working Conditions In Castries

City Council Dialogues with The Chamber at Executive Luncheon Mayor of Castries Peterson Francis received an extremely warm reception at the Chamber of Commerces’ Executive Luncheon held at the Bas Gardens Hotel o...
May 24 , 2018

Quarterly General Meeting May 2018

The May Quarterly General Meeting of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture led to some tough and probing questions of the proposed national health insurance program being proposed by the Government. ...
May 08 , 2018

Disaster Mitigation in a New Climate: Business Continuity and Insurance

Recent statistics on insurance in the sub-region estimates that only 20% of all buildings are insured and approximately 80% of that group are under insured. In that context the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and...
Apr 20 , 2018

Become a Sales Champion

The Become a Sales Champion programme is for those sales persons wanting to hone their sales skills:  from seasoned professionals looking to fine-tune their approach to sales challenges and opportunities to newer sa...
Apr 18 , 2018

High-Impact Sales Managers Programme

The High-Impact Sales Managers is designed to be an in-depth, certificate-level sales training programme for experienced and newly promoted sales managers and supervisors.  The training will provide frontline sales ...
Apr 13 , 2018

The CIP: Structure, Performance Threats, Challenges and Opportunities: Responding

Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Eastern Caribbean and the world over are coming under greater scrutiny. How is St. Lucia’s CIP responding to that intense monitoring and criticism by the OECD Countries? Ho...