At the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, we provide the community with a wide range of services. Here are a list of the services we offer:

The Chamber Business Information Centre

The Chamber has automated many of its processes to better serve the information needs of its members and clients. The Chamber also operates a documentation centre with a wide range of trade and business directories. Additionally, Chamber staff are able to provide support and assistance to Chamber Clients by conducting searches on request and on a fee basis on a wide range of subjects, from legislation, rules, standards, and market conditions and contacts locally and internationally.  

The wide connections of the Chamber in the business and national community allows it to serve as a first step in seeking information on business, social, legislation, policy development and institutional arrangements in St. Lucia.
This website is a critical component and tool of the Chamber Business Information Centre and much information on the members of the Chamber can be found on this Website. In addition, by using the website to communicate with members and the wider community the Chamber is always reachable and only a click away.

Training Services


On of the core services the Chamber provides to it's members, is programmes to increase productivity of the member work force as well as programs to enhance the capacity and skills of workers. Through an active and dynamic Productivity and Human Resource Development Standing Committee, the Chamber regularly holds workshops, seminars, Forums and other events. Such events  either provide training to staff of member companies or bring together key persons in the Business Community and wider society to discuss issues in productivity and human resource management and development.
Members of this Productivity and Human Resource Development Committee were in the forefront of reviewing the Draft Labour Code in 2006 and have through that process become a valuable and knowledgeable resource for their firms and the wider business community.
The range of programs held are broad and have been very well received by members. Through a Training Needs Assessment, the Chamber Secretariat was able to identify key areas of training required by members which were validated and revised by the Standing Committee.
Programs held include;
In 2018:
       Inventory and Time Management (Workshop)
     Entry Level Skills (program)
     Dale Carnegie Skills for Success Training
     Sales Training 


 A key role played by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is that of representation of private sector interests at the National Level. As a one hundred plus old national institution, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is part of the national institutional framework and an important partner in the development of St. Lucia.  Therefore the Chamber has representation on a broad cross section of National Bodies: 

Committee/ Board Representative  
Agricultural Products and Practices (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) Lance Peterson
Agricultural Products and Practices (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) - Alternate Jermaine M. Hunte
Audit Committee (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) Anya Whitfield 
Audit Committee (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) - Alternate  Marcellinus G. Hippolyte 
Central Tenders Board Charles Serieux
Chemicals and Chemical Products (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) Andre Lewis
Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) Christopher Lubin
Construction and Engineering  (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) Shenaz Narcisse
Construction and Engineering (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) - Alternate  Edward Charles
 Ease of Doing Business Task Force  Gerard Bergasse
 Ease of Doing Business Task Force  Roston Taylor 
 Ease of Doing Business Task Force  Brian Louisy
 Education Quality Improvement Project (EQuIP)  Dr. Thecla Lewis 
 Electrical and Electronics (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Jovan Jn. Batiste
 Environmental Management (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)   Tessa Innocent
 Environmental Management (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) - Alternate   Christopher Lubin
 Foreclosure Legislation Recommendation Committee  Gordon Charles 
 Management Services (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Dr. Alison S. Gajadhar
 Management Services (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards) - Alternate  Dr. Thecla Lewis
 National CODEX and Food Safety (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Lance Peterson
 National Independence Anniversary Committee  Dr. Charmaine Gardner
 National Independence Anniversary Committee- Alternate   Sue Monplasir
 National Steering Committee to oversee the Expo 2020 Pavilion Design Competition  Agnella Joseph 
 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Andre Lewis
 Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Board of Directors  Cheryl Renwick 
 Scholarship Selection Committee  Elaine Borton 
 Service Industry Development Committee  Stacy Maurille
 Subcommittee on Tyres (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Lyndell Halliday
 The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board (PTTCB)  Christopher Lubin
 Tourism (St. Lucia Bureau of Standards)  Yaszie Alexander
 Trade License Advisory Board  Ian Peter


 As any good Chamber of Commerce,  Advocacy is a critical part of the work of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture. By keeping a close eye on Government and its legislative and policy agenda, the Chamber is able to make an input in the content and substantive design and final output of these processes.  

The Chamber adopts rational, informed positions that take account not only of the short term interests of members and the wider business community, but brings to bear a perspective that calls for efficient, well researched and thought out policy that achieves national goals and objectives with minimal negative impact on the business, society, environment and economy.
Strong advocacy that respects the views of others has been and remains the hall mark of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, for –
“Our voice is not often heard, our sword is not often drawn, but we labour hard and long, let no one doubt our resolve