Strategic Advocacy
Legislative Agenda
Chamber Objectives
To monitor and make input into the process of developing and enacting legislation of Importance to the business community.
  • Chamber hosted engagement on Security and Interest in Movable Property Bill
  • Chamber to call for enactment of Security and Interest in Movable Property Bill
  • Chamber shared copies of proposed Amendments to Consumer Protection Act.
  • Chamber ED made presentation and participated in a Parliamentary Committee on Credit Reporting Bill.
  • Chamber wrote to Prime Minister lamenting lack of opportunity to review and or holding of consultation on the Covid Prevention Act passed in Parliament.
To ensure involvement in development and drafting of key pieces of legislation: monitoring progress on foreclosure, insolvency and credit reporting legislation
Chamber continues to note the longstanding pattern of Governments not holding consultation on critical legislation before being taken to Parliament
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Frequently asked questions
Where is the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce located?

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is located at Orange Park Commercial Building, 1st Floor, Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet.

Is the chamber of commerce part of the government?

While most chambers work closely with government, they are not part of government  

What are the benefits of being in the chamber of commerce?

Advocating on behalf of members with the public sector. Increased visibility and credibility. Business training and education information sharing and networking.

What is the main purpose of the chamber of commerce?

A chamber of commerce is an organization of business owners and entrepreneurs who promote the interests of their local business community. Chambers of commerce provide access to valuable resources, discounts, and relationships that help businesses save money and market their products.

What powers does the chamber of commerce have?

Chambers of Commerce will act to promote public policies that are in the best interest of business, in general. Specific Chambers of Commerce may also attempt to promote policies that serve specific industries or geographic locations.