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September 15, 2022
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It’s time to boost your sales- Become A Sales Champion Through Training

Within the last year, business leaders have been acutely aware of changes impacting their sales and the need to remain relevant by adjusting their approach to sales training has peaked.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture being aware of this need and companies are keenlytuned in to the power of sales coaching, mentoring, and training will be hosting a Sales Professionals Training Programme BECOMING A SALES CHAMPION on October 19 th and 20 th 2022. The Program will once again be held in collaboration with Res Consulting Limited. The facilitator - Francis Lewis - brings experience from Manufacturing and Distribution, Airlines and Banking and Finance to the table which he freely shares. He challenges participants to break the perceived boundaries in how they approach their work to achieve their targets and earn fantastic bonuses

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce continues to work hard to help members Upskill their teams to support the objectives and profitability of their business. Our Upskilling programs are meant to provide staff with critical tools that will help firms be more successful and capable during these challenging times. The Chamber has therefore positioned this training as the first on its training calendar as the concepts shared enables decision makers to maintain resilience and adaptability in every situation.

This training program utilizes an intensive approach to develop, strengthen, and improve the Sales Teams of any company. They have been specifically designed for persons who want to become Sales Champions, catering to both experienced Sales Professionals, as well as newer Sales Representatives who are learning and growing in their role.

All registered participants will have the opportunity to meet with facilitator Francis Lewis in a 45-minute, pre-session consultancy, intended to understand the expectations and lay the foundation for a successful training and program delivery for each participant.

With this tailored approach and high demand for BECOMING A SALES CHAMPION Programme, we encourage you to secure your seats for your sales team today. Businesses prepared to achieve consistent growth and tap into the expertise, talent, and energy of their salesforce should contact the Chamber at 758 452 3165 or email

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St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce
Francis M. Lewis
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Frequently asked questions
Where is the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce located?

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is located at Orange Park Commercial Building, 1st Floor, Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet.

Is the chamber of commerce part of the government?

While most chambers work closely with government, they are not part of government  

What are the benefits of being in the chamber of commerce?

Advocating on behalf of members with the public sector. Increased visibility and credibility. Business training and education information sharing and networking.

What is the main purpose of the chamber of commerce?

A chamber of commerce is an organization of business owners and entrepreneurs who promote the interests of their local business community. Chambers of commerce provide access to valuable resources, discounts, and relationships that help businesses save money and market their products.

What powers does the chamber of commerce have?

Chambers of Commerce will act to promote public policies that are in the best interest of business, in general. Specific Chambers of Commerce may also attempt to promote policies that serve specific industries or geographic locations.