Advocacy is a critical part of the work of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture. By keeping a close eye on Government and its legislative and policy agenda, the Chamber is able to make an input in the content, substantive design and final outcome of these processes. The Chamber represents the interest of members when providing input to the government. Businesses therefore have a chance to let their voices be heard via The Chamber of Commerce.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce acts as a listening ear. Come and draw from the vast knowledge the Chamber offers, by sitting down and speaking to us. We provide input on any issue, facing your businesses and can work with you to provide a solution.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture wishes to make the following contribution to the Government’s 2017/2018 St. Lucia Budget. The brief has emanated from a consultative engaging process with our members taking into account the state of the economy and the challenges confronting the country at this time.

The Chamber and its membership fully supports the Growth Agenda of Government and believes returning the Economy to a sustainable growth path is critical. The Chamber thus recommends the establishment of a Growth and Investment Council, using the Jamaica Model; this council will work with Government in not only attracting investment to St. Lucia, but identifying and removing the obstacles to investment and growth. This Council, should be bipartisan and include a wide cross section of national institutions all sharing the objective of growing the St. Lucia Economy.

The Chamber is supportive of the Governments stated goal of doubling GDP in the next ten years, yet we strongly believe that Government needs to be committed and work in a systematic fashion to remove the long identified structural impediments to long term growth. The following are seen as priority areas for action: